Andrew Marriott


Andrew Marriott is a British singer, trumpet player, pianist, composer and sound designer based in London. 


Andrew's focus is on contemporary art music, with collaboration being a key theme in all his work. In addition to writing contemporary classical music, Andrew is also a singer-songwriter influenced by jazz, Celtic Folk and the avant-garde of popular music.


Notable achievements include works performed at the 9th International Animated Film Festival in Poland, XPO North Creative Industry Festival in Scotland and Animation Nights, New York. He has performed on the West End of London at the London Arts Theatre and been featured in a Yorkshire Tea commercial 'Blessed are the Teamakers'. In addition to being highly commended in the European Piano Teacher’s Association Composition Competition 2010, he has written music in collaboration with the English National Opera, Sadler's Wells, The Chelsea Theatre, The Piatti Quartet and University of the Arts London. 


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00:04 - 'Our Common Ground'

00:30 - 'Alien Man'

01:11 - 'Pebbles'

01:32 - 'I Am Asleep'

02:01 - '8/16ths'

02:42 - 'Into Nothing'

02:57 - 'The Dreamer'

03:25 - 'Looping Night'

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Andrew Marriott


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